Umpire Types

Boundary Umpire

You get fit really fast!
Not as much pressure as field umpiring
Your main job is to call the ball when it goes out of bounds
It's a great way to get started in umpiring 
You get paid well to do it!

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A boundary umpire catching a ball

Field Umpire

Have the most responsibility - and the most decisions to make
Have lots of running but at junior level it's pretty easy to keep up
Have to know the rules really well
Run around in the middle and have the best view of the play
Field umpires get paid the most

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A field umpire blowing a whistle

Goal Umpire

You have a super important job
You decide the score - which is big deal because it decides the winner
You don't have to run too much
Perfect for people who want an introduction to umpiring
You get paid well to do it!

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A goal umpire signalling a goal

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