Umpire Pathway

From your first game to the Grand Final

Community Development

Once you sign up and join your local umpiring group, you will learn the basics of umpiring by completing an introductory course and umpiring games of football in your local community. You will also have the opportunity to achieve a nationally recognised accreditation.

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Community Advanced

Now that you have developed your basic umpiring skills and have a sound knowledge of the laws of the game, you may have the opportunity to umpire in senior community matches and earn an additional nationally recognised accreditation.

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State League

If you are an umpire that demonstrates talent and potential at the community level, you may be eligible for promotion to your local State League competition. Upon selection to a State League umpiring group, you will continue your development by umpiring State League underage and senior competitions.

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AFL Umpiring Academy

By demonstrating good character, elite potential and a clear desire to maximise your umpiring talent, you may be eligible for selection to the AFL Umpiring Academy. The academy aims to prepare you to thrive in AFL competitions and is focused on developing on-field and off-field capabilities.

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AFL Women’s

Once you are selected in the AFL Umpiring Academy, you may be promoted to the prestigious AFLW competition. AFLW sits at the upper echelons of the umpiring pathway, and will expose you to elite match-day environments and coaching. Your participation in AFLW will accelerate your elite-officiating competencies.

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Your final step in the umpiring pathway is the AFL competition. Once selected to the AFL umpiring group, you will have the opportunity to officiate in AFL home & away matches, finals and grand finals, subject to your ongoing development and performance.

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