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Every weekend boys and girls of all ages are getting involved in Australia's biggest & best sport, AFL.

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Did you know you can save enough money for your first car in ONE YEAR by being an umpire? Or you can blow it all at Luna Park every weekend - your pick!

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Get Fit. Stay Fit.

If you are fit and want to get fitter then umpiring is the perfect job. If you're not fit but want to get fit, we have you covered too! We're waiting for you!

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Make Friends

Bring a bunch of your mates down and get paid to hang out or come down on your own and meet heaps of fun people your age. Umpiring is social - see for yourself!

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Gain Life Skills

Learn valuable skills such as conflict resolution, leadership and teamwork that you can bring with you into any career path.

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Get in the Game. Become an Umpire.

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